Statement of Faith

I have been participating in some courses that are set up to help educate people who are leaders in their church.  Most who take these courses want to grow and learn more, and are in the midst of discerning a call by God to pursue something new in ministry.  These classes provide a good foundational understanding of various aspects of ministry, church history, theology, and the Bible, etc.  I think most people sitting in the pews, could really benefit from taking one or more of these classes.

I’m about mid-way through the courses, and I am still praying for God to show me what the next steps are for me.  And I know, because I have experienced God’s faithfulness before, that those plans will be revealed eventually.  And so I am in that (in-between-murky-and-sometimes-difficult) waiting period, still discerning what and where and how I can best prepare for whatever ministry opportunities await me.

For my current church history class, I have been asked to put together my own statement of faith.  Something all followers of Christ should be able to do;  what do I believe, and why do I believe what I believe?  Confused yet?  I understand.

I keep gravitating back to a Statement of Faith written by Ann Weems in her book Reaching for Rainbows. She sums up very well, in a creative manner, what I truly believe about my faith, how we should follow Christ, and who we should be in a community of faith and within our own community and the world.  See if you agree….

 Statement of Faith by Ann Weems

We believe in God, in Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, and in you and in me.

We believe the Holy Spirit has freed us to worship in community.

We believe the Holy Spirit works through

balloons and ministers

daisies and wiggly children

clanging cymbals and silence

drama and the unexpected

choirs and banners

touching and praying

spontaneity and planning

faith and doubt

tears and laughter

leading and supporting

hugging and kneeling

dancing and stillness

applauding and giving

creativity and plodding

words and listening

holding and letting go

thank you and help me

Scripture and alleluias

agonizing and celebrating

accepting and caring

through you and through me

through Love.

We believe God’s Holy Spirit lives in this community of dancing,    hand-holding people where lines of age and politics and life-styles are crossed.

We believe in praising God for Life.

We believe in responding to God’s grace and love and justice for all people.

We believe in the poetry within each one of us.

We believe in dreams and visions.

We believe in old people running and children leading.

We believe in the Kingdom of God within us.

We believe in Love.

I’m not sure I could say it any better myself.  Image

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