Interrupted Lives

Interrupted Lives

(written after the events of 9-11-2001)

We move through our days
Not looking much past the next hour and how it’s filled
Flowers grow and wither without notice
A bird’s song falls on deaf ears
Seasons come and go
While we complain about the weather
There is not time to pay attention
The details of our days become a blur
One moving into the next with no distinction

Craving to take away the boredom of the mundane
Everything becomes “thrill me,”  “dazzle me,”
“Impress me,” “entertain me”
So desensitized to the world around us
We’ve lost the wonder of each new day and it’s opportunities
We forget we are put here to be in relationship to one another
And to creation
And to God

Then something happens
Some defining moment that changes everything
We become witness to something horrific and unimaginable
Hiding in our own self-absorption
Ignoring that some in the world witness these sights everyday
Their souls and minds altered by the sights and sounds of lives being lost
The world as they know it crumbling all around them
Hopes dashed, dreams dead

This moment tests the metal of who we are
Where our priorities lie
What we believe
How we relate
Whether we care
Why we are here

Now that planes fly again, images are fading
Are we different?  Have we changed?
Do we embrace each new day,
Hoping that by its end we have listened and cared more than before?
Will we ignore this chance to start again;  to make a difference;  to show love?
Are we once again caught on the treadmill of activities that fill our schedule?

How soon we forget the important lessons
Something else will interrupt our lives to remind us….

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